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martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

FASHION WEEK Rules the world!!

Hello again, so Fashion Weeks have been going on all over the world, and it´s really hard to keep following them, so I wanted to share a few fav picks of some of thems. Enjoy!!






What do you think?? Which designer is your favorite??



domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

Oscar´s 2013 Worst!!

Hello, Since everybody is doing the "Best of" posts I wanted to make one a little different so I decided to post the "Worst" version. This should be fun, so let´s get started.

Anne Hathaway in Prada.- I could only think when I saw her: Why Anne, why??? The big mystery is why she changed last minute her Valentino, and I guess we can only thing, it really was worst than the Prada??  I really like her and her job but omg he should change her stylist ASAP.

Salma Hayek in Alexander McQueen.- She is petite and the big bun should have maker her look taller but it looked heavy and make her head look bigger than her body, the dress neck wasn´t helping also. My final concern was the fabric, I heard it will be trend for this years fall, but come on people we are almost in spring season, keep that in your closet until next winter my dear!

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino.- It´s just me or does she always look the same in every single photo, no matter what is she doing?? The same hair, the same kind of dress, I am so sorry but I can only think: BORING.

Robin Roberts in Marc Bouwer.-First of all I got to say how much respect do I have for this woman for being a survivor, her job in the red carpet was GREAT and actually I LOVE her dress color but again I don´t believe the fabric was season appropiated.

Kristen Stewart en Naeem Khan- OMG She should really have stayed at home. First of all she was injured  in some way, and her look definitely wasn´t the right one. Her hair looked messy, her dressed didn´t fit correctly, a HUGE mess.

Nancy O´Dell.- It was a nice color but the only thing I can think when I saw her is BEAUTY PEAGENT.

Brandi Glanville.- I only can say this dress(or maybe the fit I should say)  wasn´t appropiated for the event.

So, what do you think which one was your WORST???



sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

The Carrie Necklace

Hello!! Just a quick post to show you my beutiful aka Carrie Bradshaw necklace. I can´t lie to you I LOVE IT!!!

Hola!! Solo un post ultra rápido para presumirles mi bello collar a la Carrie Bradshaw. No puedo mentirles.. ME ENCANTA!!



jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Product Review: Bio Oil

El post de hoy es un review corto  de Bio Oil de un producto que me acabo de enterar que forma parte de la lista de Best Beauty Buys 2013 de la revista InStyle, lo cual no sabía hasta hace un par de días pero dado que siempre ando en la búsqueda de nuevos productos para probar, supongo que era una cuestión de tiempo que llegara a él.
Today´s post is a quick review for Bio Oil  a product that I found it´s on  list of Best Beauty Buys 2013 from InStyle Magazine which I dindn´t knew until a couple of days ago, but since I ´m always looking for new products to try it was just a matter of time.

Lo he estado usando por alrededor de 3 semanas y dado que tengo la piel muy grasosa y vivo en un lugar de clima cálido (muy cálido!), se podrán imaginar que es muy importante para mi encontrar un producto que tenga el balance perfecto entre humectante-pero no grasoso. Porque no importa que tan  grasosa tengas la piel, necesitas usar un humectante de acuerdo a tu edad.
I have been using it for about three weeks  and since I have extremely oily skin, and I live in a really warm weather, you can imagine it´s a big issue for me to try to find a product that have the perfect  balance between moisturizing and not oily cream. Because no matter how oily skin you have, you still need a good moisturizing acordding to your age.

Es un aceite ligero( he usado el aceite de Vitamina E y es mucho más grasoso que éste) que se absorbe en tu piel muy rápido, así que no tengas miedo de quedar con la piel toda brillosa, sólo dale un par de minutos y podrás continuar con tu rutina de maquilla normal. Debido a mi piel grasa, yo evito la zona T
(uso una crema especial para esa zona) y aplico el aceite en el resto de la cara y cuello, y como dije le doy unos minutos para absorberse y listo!

So, its a really light oil ( I have tried Vitamin E oil also and it´s more oily) thats gets into your skin really quick, so don´t be afraid of being all shiny, just give it a couple of minutes and continue your make up routine as usual. Cause of my oily skin I avoid the T zone (I use a different cream, zone appropiate) and apply the oil all over the rest of my face and neck and as I said give it a couple of minutes to absorb and you´re done!

Después de 3 semanas de uso tengo una piel suave y puedo decir que suaviza las lineas de expresion y estoy muy contenta con los resultados. Originalmente la compré para usarla en el cuerpo pero se me acabó mi crema facial y me arriesgué a darle una oportunidad y no me arrepiento!
After three weeks of use I have got a smoother skin, I can definitely say it smooths lines and I am really happy with the results.
I originally bought it for body use, but I ran out of my regular skin cream so I decided to give it a try and don´t regret about it!

Para finalizar, al menos a mi no me ha ocasionado acne, pero siempre es una buena idea probar el producto en un área pequeña primero.
Finally at least on me it haven´t caused any kind of acne, but always it´s a good idea to try on a small área first.


miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

I Believe in Pink

Como el nombre del post lo dice "Creo en el Rosa" y creo que no tiene porqué ser solo para outfits informales! Este look es perfecto para la oficina, pero tiene detalles como el collar y las pulseras de picos con brillantes que le dan un toque especial. 
Una blusa de gasa o tipo seda en rosa intenso, falda tipo lápiz de un tono morado suave mas zapatos nude y voilá estas lista!!

As the name post says "I Believe in Pink" and it doesn´t have to be for informal outfits only! This look is perfect for the office, but it still has some edgy details like the spike/sparkle necklace and bracelets.
A silky type hot pink blouse, a soft purple pencil skirt plus nude pumps and voilá you´re done!!

Que te pareció??

What do you think??



martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

Feeling Blue

Hola!! Sii finalmente estoy de regreso. Lo sé, lo sé llevo años diciendo lo mismo, pero tengo muchos problemas para organizar mis horarios, pero creo que finalmente he encontrado el modo de resolverlo.

Así que para este post, quise mostrarles mi falda nueva que me encanta toda, el color, la tela, es perfecta!! No saben el gusto que me da estar de regreso!!
PD: Disculpen la mala calidad de mi cámara.

So, Hello!! Yes Finally  I´m back.  I know I ´ve been telling this for so long, but I have a lot of time problems but I guess I finally have figure it out how to deal with it.

So for this post, I wanted to show you my new skirt, which I loove it, the color, the fabric, it´s perfect!
Feels so good to be back!!
PS: Sorry for my bad camera.

Por cierto, les recuerdo que tengo mi página en Facebook Suki & Fashion en la que publico wish lists, shoe of the day, red carpet reviews y más!

By the way, remember I have my Facebook page Suki & Fashion where I post wish lists, shoe of the day, red carpet review & more!